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The Mad Eyed Mushroom (LIMITED PRINTS)

The Mad Eyed Mushroom (LIMITED PRINTS)

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My most recent drawing, the Mad Eyed Mushroom!

Although this isn’t THE mushroom man, it’s another in the same village. This one claimed a “psylocybe fanaticus” as his shroomy outfit. Thus, making him trip out constantly. He is always on the hunt for more so he can remain in a constant state of euphoria.

Prints are made in house on ultra premium matte 8.5x11" paper!

Each print will be individually signed and numbered out of 10 by me!

Once these 10 are gone, they'll be gone forever!

Will ship with care and cardboard to prevent bending!!




Each item will be carefully shipped in between two pieces of cardboard to prevent bending via USPS first class unless otherwise stated!



Care Instructions

keep away from monsters, creeps, and everything else that mind bend your art!

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in my old studio, 2018


My old "studio" from 2018! By studio, I mean an extra room in my cave of an apartment! This was when I really honed in on my scribbles and the time I began to gain a following on the gram.

(photo credit: Mary Kate Teske)